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Mission Statement


Museum of Food Art (MOFA) is committed to establishing and maintaining its status as a museum for art particularly related to food and will be accessible to the public ranging from adults, teenagers, children, scholars and those with special needs.

It is a continuous goal of MOFA to develop and encourage the study of various types of food art, which will include artisan craft design of food ware and still life fine art with food and drink.

As a non-profit, the benefit to the community will also be interactive exhibits whereby participants will have the opportunity to see and create for themselves, gourmet presentations based on the understanding of nutritional qualities in food for the mind and body.

MOFA will not only provide general knowledge in practical life as it relates to food but will also continue to explore and create ways to honor food by understanding its origin and presentation through the ages, displaying its beauty and splendor in various ways and sharing with the general public how food and art, combined, can benefit mental and physical health.

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